Abundant Grace Church





       In January of 2006, the Lord prompted Sean Theodore to explore several avenues on how to plant a church. While in prayer, the Lord revealed to him that he needed to start a ministry in the New England area. In March of that same year, Sean and five fellow believers decided to hold a bible study in a mobile home located in Candia, NH. As we continued holding weekly bible studies, more people began to show interest and the number of people increased. Eventually, the mobile home where we were gathering was crowded with people. The place had become so full that it began to sink, and we realized that we needed to assemble in a new location.

       With direction from the Lord, we decided to move our services to an apartment located in Derry, NH. This was a time for us to grow in the Lord as we waited on Him for further instructions. Our attendance was up and down for over 2 years, but we knew that the Lord had something great in store, if we remained patient with His plan. At the beginning of 2009, we began to outgrow the apartment where we were assembling. The manager of the complex informed us that we had too many people assembling there and gave us 30 days to move out. We only had a month to find a new home, but somehow we knew that the Lord would provide for us.

       After a diligent search was made, the Lord led us to make an offer on a storefront located in Derry, NH. This place had ample room and there was plenty of on-site parking available. We made a reasonable offer and waited on the Lord to move on our behalf. With only a week remaining in the apartment, the owner of the storefront contacted us and said that he would accept our proposal. This was God's perfect timing, because he came through for us at the very last moment. He also gave us enough time to move the church belongings into our new location. Praise God!

       In April of 2010, we began to experience more growth and there was only a limited amount of room in our unit. There was an available facility located right next to us that was double the size of our place. We decided to view the building to see if this was what the Lord wanted. We really liked the space, but the cost was higher than we anticipated. The owner indicated that if we did not make him an offer right away, then someone else would take it. Our congregation prayed and the Lord showed us that the asking price was a bit too high for our budget. We decided that we would not make an offer, but to just wait on God and remain content. A few days later, the owner informed us that the unit had been taken. We accepted God's will and decided to remain patient in the place where we were assembling.

       A week later, we received a call back from the owner, and he said that the individual who had moved into the facility reneged on his offer, and that the place was vacant once again. He offered us a $500.00 a month discount if we were still interested. We prayed on it and God showed us that it was His will for us to move into the new facility. What an unexpected blessing from the Lord and an answer to our prayers. God has been faithful to us every step of the way and His grace continues to fall fresh on Abundant Grace Church.



...are an Independent Non-Denominational Church.

...are free in worship and enjoy our liberty in Christ.

...are dedicated to teaching the whole counsel of God.

...are a loving church that enjoys fellowship.

...are committed to helping the poor and needy.