CD Series

Be Anxious For Nothing



Every time we are tempted to become anxious, we need to cast all of our cares upon the Lord because He cares for us. If we are going to receive the peace of God that passes all understanding, we must trust the Lord and seek Him with all of our heart. By reading the word of God and walking by faith, we will be able to overcome any fear and stressful situation that comes our way.

1. Overcoming Anxiety 
2. Facing Your Fears
3. Perfect Peace
4. Laying Aside Every Weight 
5. Peace Be Still
6. Are You Fretting 
7. Out With The Doubt

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Building Healthy Relationships

As believers we must develop strong relationships with people within our inner circle, and it is important that we live in peace with those we interact with. If we choose to have a positive outlook even when situations become difficult, we will be blessed in many of our relationships. In this teaching, we are challenged to love one another, and are reminded of the positive outcome that will occur when we demonstrate Christ-likeness.  
1.  The Sanctity Of Marriage
2.  God Hates Divorce
3.  The Purpose Of Singleness
4.  Building Healthy Relationships
5.  Winning Your Family

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Discovering God's Will

Obeying the will of God and surrendering to the Lord is the key to living a victorious Christian life. The Lord desires for us to do His will and it is imperative that we seek the Lord for guidance in every decision that we make. In this teaching, we see the importance of acknowledging God in every one of our decisions, and why we must avoid leaning on our own undertanding.
1. Knowing God's Will
2. Staying In God's Will
3. Heading In The Wrong Direction
4. Getting Ahead Of God

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Encourage Yourself In The Lord


If we keep our eyes on God and remain encouraged, the Lord will help us rise above the challenges of life. If we are going to reach our God-given destiny, we must learn to keep a positive attitude of faith and be full of hope. By focusing on the promises of God and never giving up, we will reach our maximum potential in our daily Christian walk.
1. Pursuing Your Breakthrough
2. The Courage To Wait
3. Prisoners Of Hope
4. Do Not Faint
5. God Has No Limits
6. Speaking Words That Edify
7. Enjoy The Journey
8. Learn To Love Yourself
9. Moving Beyond Disappointment

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Entering Your Prayer Closet

The bible says that believers should enter into their prayer closet and pray without ceasing. As believers, it is important that we develop an effective prayer life with the Lord on a regular basis. In this series, we are encouraged to pray to the Lord and experience a closer relationship with our God. 
1.  The Lord's Prayer
2.  Praying Without Ceasing
3.  Prevailing Intercessory Prayer
4.  The Power Of Prayer

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Except You Repent

Understanding the true meaning of repentance and it's significance is essential to everyone. God desires to pour out His grace and mercy, but too many people are not willing to turn from their sins. In this series, we are reminded that repentance is the key to receiving God's grace and mercy.   

1. Return To Your First Love
2. True Repentance
3. The Prodigal Son
4. The Reality Of Hell

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Experiencing God's Grace


God is continually pouring out His grace and it is necessary that we receive His unmerited favor on a daily basis. God's grace is available to all of us, and all we have to do to experience God's love and mercy is to turn to Him. In this teaching, we get a clear illustration of the wonderful grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
1. Receiving God's Grace
2. Turning Failure Into Success
3. Experiencing God's Grace

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Freedom From Sin



God desires for His children to walk in freedom and live a holy and sanctified life. Satan will do everything he can to try and keep us from God’s best by tempting us to sin and lust after the flesh. When we practice sin we become slaves to it, and that is why we must submit ourselves to God, resist the devil, and then he will flee from us.



1. God’s Divine Purpose

2. No More Condemnation

3. Purge Out The Old Leaven

4. The God Of Second Chances

5. Beware Of Unbelief

6. Hope In Perilous Times

7. Breaking Down The Walls

8. Put Away Envy & Strife

9. The Sin Of Omission

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Gifts Of The Spirit

The Lord has given every one of His children spiritual gifts so that they can be a witness and edify the body of Christ. Every believer has been given at least one spiritual gift, and it is important to recognize the spiritual gifts and talents that God has given to us. In this teaching, we are encouraged to exercise our spiritual gifts and understand how they should be operated within the church.
1.  Gifts Of The Spirit Part 1
2.  Gifts Of The Spirit Part 2
3.  Stir Up The Gift of God
4.  The Operation Of The Gifts

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Healing In His Wings

Being healthy and living life more abundant is what all Christians can experience. Healing is in the atonement of Christ and it is critical that we believe that being healthy is God's will for us. In this teaching, several examples of Christ healings are given and we are encouraged to believe God for our healing, even when our situation looks impossible.
1.  God's Health Plan
2.  Blockages To Healing
3.  Waiting For Your Miracle
4.  Health Is On The Way
5.  The Great Physician

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Keeping God's Commandments

It is the Lord's desire that His children walk in obedience everyday, and if we want to be blessed with God's very best, we must follow the instructions given to us from His word. In this teaching, we are encouraged to apply the word of God to every area of our life and why we must obey God even when nothing makes sense to us.
1.  The Power Of Forgiveness
2.  Keeping God's Commandments
3.  Given To Hospotality
4.  The Benifits Of Giving
5.  Giving God Our Obedience

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Keys To Financial Success


If we are going to have success, we must be willing to sow seeds of faith. God desires for His people to be prosperous and be blessed so that we can be a blessing to others. Giving is an act of faith and God will always bless those who are willing to make financial investments in His Kingdom. We cannot out give God, so when we choose to sow bountifully we will reap bountifully.

1. Breaking the Bondage of Debt
2. Making Wise investments
3. Managing Your Finances
4. Avoiding Financial Pitfalls
5. Giving By Faith

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Let The Fire Fall


God desires to pour out His Holy Spirit upon all flesh,and fill the church with His glory and power. If we are going to see a Holy Ghost sent revival within the church and experience the same power that occurred during Pentecost,we must have faith in God and desire the fire.By being in one mind and one accord,God will open up heaven,and bring miracles to pass just like He did during the Early Church.
1.When The Fire Falls
2.The Working Of Miracles
3.Desire The Fire
4.Unwrapping Your Gifts
5.Decently And In Order
6.Loose The Bands Of Wickedness
7.Fullness Of Joy
8.Winning The Lost
9.Laying On Of Hands
10.The Anointing Of God

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Overcoming Temptation

Temptation will come to every believer and we must know how to resist it when we are being enticed by the enemy. If we are going to get to the next level spiritually, we must learn how to fight against temptation and live in freedom everyday. In this series, there are practical examples given from the bible on how to obtain victory over sin, and rise above the lustful desires of the flesh. 
1.  Conquering Temptation
2.  Evil Devices Of Temptation
3.  Victory Over Temptation

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Revive Us Again

Unity is very important and is needed in the body of Christ so that revival can occur. In order for Christians to experience revival, we must avoid being overly critical and contentious in our relationships. In this series, we see how important it is for Christians to love one another, and be of one mind and in one accord.
1. United We Stand
2. Demonstrating God's Love
3. Revive Us Again
4. Surrendering To God's Will
5. The Christian Soldier

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Rising Above Discouragement


Discouragement can slow us down spiritually and it is essential that we learn how to rise above it. All of us will experience moments of disappointment in our life, and it is necessary that we learn how to properly respond when we feel down and discouraged. In this teaching, there are several examples given from the word of God explaining how to deal with disappointment, and what to do to overcome it.

1. Shaking Off Rejection
2. Free From Condemnation
3. The Trial Of Your Faith
4. Persecuted For Righteousness
5. Rising Above Discouragement

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The Christian Home

God has specific roles for husbands, wives, and children as it pertains to the Christian home and it is essential for believers to follow the principles given to us from the word of God. In this teaching, we see the importance of a godly household and the consequences that occur when biblical roles are not followed. 
1. The Christian Home Part 1
2. The Christian Home Part 2
3. Spiritual House Cleaning

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The Great Falling Away


The bible declares that there will be a great falling away during the latter days. The end of the age will not occur until there is a great falling away and the man of sin be revealed, which is the Anti-Christ. In this series, we see how the nation, the church, and the world have fallen away from God, and how this relates to end time prophecy.
1. Drifting Away From God
2. The Lukewarm Church
3. Signs Of The End Times
4. Be Strong In The Lord

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Time & Eternity

The Bible declares that our life is as a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. Time on earth is short compared to eternity and we will either be with Jesus in Heaven or end up separated from His presence forever. In this series, we read from Scripture and discuss time, eternity, and where people end up after they leave this earth.
1. The Heavenly City Part 1
2. The Heavenly City Part 2
3. Victory Over Death
4. Is Hell Real?
5. Come to the Well
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Walking By Faith

Walking by faith is the key to receiving God's very best and we must continue to believe the Lord, even when our situation looks hopeless. In this teaching, we see how God responds to the faith of His saints, and how He desires to bring miracles to pass when we believe Him for the impossible.
1.  Are You Limiting God?
2.  Believing For The Impossible
3.  According To Your Faith
4.  Increasing Your Faith
5.  The Causes Of Unbelief
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Weapons of Our Warfare


The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. If we are going to defeat the enemy and walk in freedom, we must use the spiritual weapons that are readily available to us. All Christians go through spiritual battles, and it is essential that we learn how to become victorious in every battle that we face.
1. Casting Down Imaginations
2. Retaining Your Healing
3. The Believer's Authority
4. Triumphing Over Temptation
5. Deliver Us From Evil
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Without Spot or Wrinkle


The Lord is coming back very soon and He is coming for a church that is without spot or wrinkle. Jesus will come as a thief in the night and the church must be prepared when He returns. God desires to bring revival to His people, but we must be willing to humble ourselves and pray. By yielding to God's will and living a Holy life, we will be ready for the Lord when He comes.

1. Expressing Unconditional Love
2. A Passion For Purity
3. Taming Your Tongue
4. The Signs of Unbelief
5. Guarding Against Compromise
6. The Fear of the Lord
7. The Traditions of Men
8. Free From Sin
9. Come Out From Among Them

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