"When Roger and I met a little over three years ago, neither one of us were walking with the Lord.  Roger grew up very Catholic.  He was taught by his parents about God and went to church every Sunday but he never heard about being born again or having a personal relationship with Jesus.  I on the other hand was born again (thanks to my mother) and had a relationship with Jesus.  Unfortunately, I was backslidden a ‘prodigal daughter’ at the time that we met.
We both went through difficult divorces and were looking for that special someone we could start life over with.  I know Roger would agree with me that we did find that special someone in each other.  We meshed very well together and asked each other jokingly, “where were you 25 years ago?”
 I believe there are times that divorce cannot be avoided because we are human and live in a fallen world.  I also believe God forgives and is in the restoration business, but I can now understand why He hates divorce.  Roger and I had to overcome many obstacles that come with divorce and starting over in a new relationship, as anyone who has gone through a divorce and has started over with a new partner would understand.  There are emotional and mental issues such as his children her children, finances, ex spouses etc. that can all add stress and hinder the new relationship from growing in a healthy direction. 
  There were times when these obstacles would pop their ugly heads and exhaust us to the point where we didn’t think we would make it.  These same obstacles were causing me and drawing me back to my heavenly Father whom I had run from not so long ago. As the obstacles came and went, Roger and I began to talk about God more and more.  To my surprise he was very open to God/Jesus and would listen eagerly to me when I would try to explain the stories of the Bible to him, what it meant to be born again or as he would call it ‘re born ‘ !  We began watching Joyce Meyer on t.v. and even considered finding a church.  The subject of marriage began surfacing too.  He wanted to get married and I wanted to ‘make it right before God’.  So on July 17, 2015 we ‘made it legal’ and began our slow return to God.
After we ‘made it legal’, we still hadn’t found a church to go to, though I often talked to Roger about going to Abundant Grace, as that’s where I use to go.  I knew Roger would love Pastor Sean, he was young, full of passion and energy but we all know how ‘busy’ life can get.  We put it off and planned on eventually going to church one day soon.  Keep in mind, Roger was still not born again, that was something we would eventually get around to as well.
Approximately three weeks after we were married, it was his daughter’s birthday.  We went out for dinner to celebrate.  When we got home, Roger said to me, ‘I don’t feel well, my head hurts’.  I figured he was tired from work and dehydrated so I gave him some water and Advil.  As he was getting ready to go to bed, I noticed he was dropping things as if his hands couldn’t hold onto things.  Again, I figured he was tired from work etc.  He went to bed, woke up the next morning and seemed fine.  He went to work as normal, didn’t complain to me about a thing.  I went to work as well.  Around 12:00 that afternoon on August 7, 2015 (I will never forget that day!), Roger called me.  Roger is a hard worker, old school and hardly ever makes calls during work hours, so when I saw it was him calling me, I was a bit alarmed, but didn’t make too much out of it.   He told me he was leaving work and going to the hospital, he didn’t feel well.  When I asked him what was happening, he told me he had slurred speech, couldn’t write and extreme numbness in his right hand.  I immediately thought he was having a stroke!  I advised him to get right home and I would be on my way to take him to the hospital. 
When Roger and I entered the ER of Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, NH and told them of his symptoms, there was no waiting in the ER to be seen by a doctor, they immediately came out with a wheelchair and took him right in.  At this point I was still thinking it was a stroke, he had all the symptoms.  They ordered a CAT scan for Roger.  As we waited for the results, Roger and I were joking, and talking with each other as we normally do.  Roger and his son Andy work together for the same plumbing company.  It was inevitable that his son would eventually find out that his dad had left work early that day, something Roger never does!  Roger, is your typical man, didn’t want to make a fuss about being at the hospital and asked me not to call Andy and tell him.  I finally convinced Roger that Andy had a right to know where he was and that he would eventually find out.  So I made the call to his son and he arrived at the hospital shortly after that.  When Roger’s son Andy arrived we were still waiting for the CAT scan results.  Finally, the doctor came in and the words that came out of her mouth changed our lives forever.  She said that they found a mass on Roger’s brain.  Roger, I and his son began to cry in shock.  Never in a million years did we imagine this!  They told us we had the option of going into Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston or Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon as Catholic Medical wasn’t equipped enough to handle his diagnosis. After trying to digest what we just heard, we decided the best place for him was at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon as this is where his daughter was treated for Neuroblastoma years ago.
Roger was rushed by ambulance to Dartmouth Hitchcock.  Andy and I went back home to gather some things and make some phone calls to family and friends.  One of the hardest phone calls I had to make was to Roger’s mom down in Florida.  She had already lost Roger’s father in 2010 to Pancreatic Cancer, saw her granddaughter almost die of Neuroblastoma (spinal cancer) and now the news of her only son thousands of miles away, who has a mass on his brain.  She immediately made plans to come up with Roger’s two sisters who also live in Florida.
Andy and I arrived at Dartmouth Hitchcock around 6:00p.m.on Friday August 7, 2015.  Roger had already been admitted, had an MRI and was waiting in the ER for a room, he wasn’t going home that night. Hours went by, and Roger had gone downhill since he left Catholic Medical.  The pain was getting worse.  The nurse had given him Morphine, even that wasn’t helping with the pain.  Finally two neuro doctors came in and again confirmed there was a mass approximately the size of a golf ball on Rogers left parietal lobe and that it HAD to come out immediately.  First they had to get the swelling down so they put him on steroids and scheduled his surgery to remove the mass for Monday August 10, 2015. Once Roger got into a room and was made comfortable, his son Andy and I drove the hour and fifteen minutes drive back to Manchester.
Andy and I woke up early the next morning and headed back up to Dartmouth Hitchcock.  I still had not even considered praying with or for Roger.   Looking back now, I don’t know why.  Sometimes the brain can do funny things when in shock.  We walked into Roger’s room and he seemed ok, a bit better and more stable than he did the night before.  I told him his mom and sisters were on their way, they ended up driving straight through from Florida because the airline tickets were too expensive for a last minute trip like that.  Roger’s mom and sisters arrived around 9:00 Saturday night they got a room at a local hotel in the area and Andy and I drove home back to Manchester.
Sunday morning around 8:00 Roger called me from the hospital, crying saying he just came back from another MRI and they found another mass on the top of his brain.  The only way to describe what I felt after he told me the news was that my whole body was numb and on fire at the same time.  I tried to console him the best I could and told him I would be there shortly.  It was at this time my faith kicked back into high gear!  I had no other choice but to call on Jesus.  I immediately called my mom who has an amazing faith!  I told her ‘mom, I can’t do this by myself, I need you! Please pack a bag we need to stay in a hotel up in Lebanon so that we can be closer to Roger’!  I am so blessed and greatful to God that my mom was and is still around for me to lean on in times of great need!  This is exactly how our Lord and Saviour Jesus wants us to rely on Him!
Roger’s son Andy drove his own car up to the hospital that morning and my mom and I took my car.  Mom and I arrived at the hospital before his son, mom and sisters which was good because they are not believers and we wanted to have some quiet time to pray with Roger.  When we walked into the room, we asked Roger if he would like to become born again.  He said yes and we prayed the prayer of salvation with him.  My heart broke for him, he was so scared.  Mom continued to pray in tongues over him.
Monday August 10, 2015 arrived, the big day.  Roger seemed a little more relaxed since mom and I prayed with him and he was prepped for a long, dangerous surgery which would last 3-6 hours.  Of course mom and I prayed over him again while he waited to go into the OR.    The surgery lasted 3 ½ hours and he came through it like a trooper, no complications!  He was in the recovery room for several hours. Only his mom and I were allowed in there.  His children would have to wait a bit longer to get word on how he was doing.   It was difficult to watch him in there, still having the bloody bandages around his head and having to wear dark sunglasses so that the light wouldn’t affect his eyes due to a special dye used on his brain to help guide the surgeon.
Roger was released from the hospital on August 13, 2015 just 6 days after being admitted.  The surgeon explained to us that the mass they removed was being sent out to pathology and we would have to wait a week to hear if it was benign or malignant.  While Roger was recovering at home, we prayed like we never had prayed before, trusting that the findings would be normal and everything would be ok. We went back to the neuro oncology doctor about a week later still believing all would be ok.  We went into the doctor’s office and she entered the room.  She was very polite, kind of unemotional and began to show us Roger’s MRI before and after the surgery saying the surgery went well and they were able to get all the mass/tumor.  She proceeded to say that unfortunately the tumor findings were not good.  Roger had Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade 4, the worst and most deadly form of brain cancer with a survival rate of 1-3 years.  We looked at each other thinking Glioblastoma???  What in the world!  We had never heard of such a cancer.  Words cannot express the feelings that came over Roger and me at that moment! It was complete numbness and darkness as if someone shut the lights out.  The doctor informed us that Roger would have to undergo 6 weeks of radiation to his brain and up to one year of chemo therapy just to keep the cancer roots (which remain in the brain as there is no way to dig them out during surgery) at bay, there was no cure, this treatment was to try and keep the cancer cells from dividing and the tumor from re-growing.
The ride home was very quiet.  Neither of us knew what to say.  We were in utter shock.  We cried a lot in the days following his diagnosis.  The feelings we experienced are hard to put into words unless you yourself have gone through a similar diagnosis.  After the initial shock I knew the only way for Roger and I as his caregiver to survive this journey was to get into faith!
My mom gave us every CD and every book you could imagine on healing and standing on God’s word.  A huge faith booster for us was Sandra Kennedy!  I highly recommend her teachings for anyone struggling with faith and healing. I was desperate to find a church that believed in healing.  New England tends to be a dry place for the word of God.  Yes there are a few good churches here and there but not like down south, the Bible belt!  That’s where Sandra Kennedy’s ministry was and we even considered driving down there to have Roger prayed over.  Then it came to me, call Pastor Sean to pray over Roger!   So we did, about two weeks after Roger came home from the hospital.  Pastor Sean and his brother Scott, both of whom I hadn’t seen in about four years came to our home, no questions asked.
Before Pastor Sean prayed over Roger, he said the sinner’s prayer with him. Though Roger said it with my mom and I in the hospital before his surgery, we wanted to be double sure of his salvation!!  We were after all dealing with a death sentence.  We all gathered and prayed over Roger heavily!  Pastor Sean prayed over Roger for a healing and rebuked the devil off of him.  I can’t say Roger felt any different or heard anything after Pastor Sean and Scott prayed over him, but Roger just believed he was healed and that is when our journey of absolute faith began. 
It’s been a little over a year now, according to statistics, 1-3 years, he could be dead now.  Roger’s bi-monthly MRI scans have been clear!  I have to give some credit to western medicine, technology and good doctors!  Roger wouldn’t be here without them!  He has been through many therapies and still continues treatments.  He has had to give up his lifelong career of working as an HVAC/plumber technician due to a right side of weakness from the brain surgery and his inability to drive right now.    However, this journey isn’t over nor will it ever be until we leave this earth.   We all know the devil will try to come back, try to make us doubt what God has done.  This is why Roger and I have decided to surrender everything to Jesus to totally trust in Him!  We believe Roger will be restored 100%.    Jesus died not only for sin but for sickness and disease too.  If we will only believe and receive what Jesus has already done on the cross it is ours and no devil on earth can steal it from us!"  

"I attended my first service 2 weeks ago. During your healing service, everyone prayed for me.  I have several health problems, the greatest was suffering a stroke last year. I was unable to talk, walk, comprehend, but with a lot of hard work and God's grace, I was blessed in so many ways. Though still disabled, walking carefully with a cane and sometimes fighting for the right words to express myself to others, I felt blessed to have recovered as much as I did.

   When I was prayed over Sunday, it was the first time I was to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. Ah, what an amazing experience!!! I am soooo excited to tell you that I was healed. When I returned home, I not only felt spirit filled, but I put my cane down and walked around my parking lot with my normal gait, ready to dance and tell the world of God's healing power. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW! I prayed prayers of Thanksgiving for you, and that God has led me to your church." - Paula            

"I had a muscle strain in my upper back. At times the pain was really intense and traveled from my back up into my neck, head and even my sinuses. After an MRI, physical therapy, tons of Tylenol, Aleve, and icy hot, I just accepted and learned to live with the pain….until one night after worship practice at Abundant Grace Church. Pastor Sean and some others in the church prayed for me. I instantly felt so much better! The gripping pain is gone!!! Praise God for the amazing things He is doing here! Also, my foot and ankle became extremely swollen overnight. The swelling lasted several weeks. I made a doctor’s appointment, but cancelled it, because after Pastor prayed for me one Sunday, the swelling went away and has not returned! God is so amazing, and His presence and power is so incredible here at Abundant Grace Church!" -Kathy
"I have suffered from arthritis in my knees for over 15 years. When I was 32, I had knee scoping done and the doctor said by the time I hit 40, I would be getting knee replacements. I suffered in pain years after that and kept putting off further scraping and cleaning because I did not want to face having knee replacement surgery. I drive a wheel chair bus through the summer and started work last week, and my knees were really starting to get the best of me. I was unable to pull myself up on my left leg because of the weakness in my knee after securing the wheel chair, and had to use my right leg, which is not much better. Tonight, after Bible Study, I went up to the altar for healing. Pastor Sean prayed over me for healing and a few minutes later, I felt both of my knees relax and did not feel any more pain. Minutes later, when I stood up, I was astonished at how great my knees felt and how there was no more pain. My legs wanted to dance. Thank you God for hearing our prayers to rid my knees of arthritic pain. There is nothing that God cannot do!"  -Donna
"I have had asthma off and on most of my life, mostly due to smoking. It was a little over a year and a half ago that I barely could breathe. At times I would be gasping for air. The doctor put me on a powdered inhaler asthma controller. This allowed me to breathe and smoke. Over time I felt that the asthma controller medication was like a poison, making my lungs rely on it. When I came back to the Lord I also knew I must quit smoking. God helped me to quit smoking. I was unable to afford the medication after a month of not smoking. Even though I had stopped smoking my lungs were never the same. I was unable to laugh without choking for air. God has healed me of asthma. I felt the Holy Spirit come on me as the Pastor anointed me with oil and prayed. Praise the Lord."  -Juanita
"I was walking into the bedroom one day and slipped on the floor and banged my elbow on the dresser. I noticed that my elbow began to swell and a sack of fluid began to form. My elbow began hurting and I decided to fully trust in the Lord for my healing. When this type of injury occurs, you typically have to go to the doctor for surgery to have the fluid drained. I decided that on Sunday during church, I would go up to the altar for prayer. Within a couple of days I began to notice that my elbow was almost normal and that the fluid was dissipating. Within a week may elbow was back to normal and I felt no more pain. I give all the praise and glory to God for His mighty healing power."  -Pat
"I had gone to visit a friend of mine who is dealing with addictions and I prayed for him, his children, and their home. I noticed shortly after, the vertigo that I was healed of was starting to come back. So on Wednesday Night Bible Study I went up for prayer and was touched by the Spirit of God. I was totally healed PRAISE GOD!!!  I learned when you pray you need to protect yourself with GOD and cast out the attackes of the enemy, so it will not go on you anymore. Thank you Pastor, you have been such a blessing to me and so many others. May you grow more and more in the spirit, power, and knowledge of our ALMIGHTY GOD. Many blessings to you and Abundant Grace Church. Love and GOD BLESS."  -Kathy
"I had terrible stomach cramps and was not sure what was going on, but I was in excruciating pain. I went to the hospital to get a diagnosis for my symptoms, and they discovered that I had a very large bladder. A whole liter of urine filled my bladder and I was in a very precarious situation. I was forced to be catheterized and could not empty my bladder without it. I went to the Urologist a week later to have the catheter removed to see if I could go on my own. I was not able to go to the bathroom so I had to have the catheter put back on. I wore this catheter for a whole month, and I scheduled an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner to do some further tests. The results of the test revealed that the bladder was not contracting, and so I scheduled an appointment with the doctor. The doctor took some pictures inside the bladder and discovered that it was rippled and definitely not contracting. He realized that this was a long-term problem that appeared to be getting more severe. The bladder was stretched out so badly, that the doctor indicated to me that it would probably never work again because of the muscle damage. I now had to learn to self catheter, which was very difficult and uncomfortable to say the least. The doctor told me that would probably never be able to go to the bathroom on my own ever again, and that I would have to self catheter 3 to 4 times a day.
    The possibility of major urinary tract infections was a reality, and all along the church had been praying for me to be healed. After all the negative reports that I received, I decided to call to the elders of the church to be prayed over and anointed with oil. One of the elders told me that it was not God’s will for my body to be defiled, and knowing that spiritual truth really ministered to me and increased my faith. The first day that I started to self catheter was on a Friday, and I only had to do this twice during the day. I woke up Saturday morning and went for a walk, and when I returned home I went to the bathroom and began to go perfectly and without interruption. This was the manifestation of my healing. Occasionally, going to the bathroom was a little slow, but I knew that this was only symptoms and that God was allowing my faith to be tested. Shortly thereafter, things began to improve dramatically and I did not need to use the catheter anymore. I praise the Almighty God for bringing this miracle to pass in my life, and by His stripes I am healed."  -Stratton

"I was suffering with severe pain in my right hand and the swelling would not go down. It was swollen twice the size as my other hand and I wasn’t able to use it. Pastor Sean anointed my hand with oil and laid his hands on me and prayed for me. Right before our eyes, everyone there watched the swelling in my hand go down to the same size as my other hand. I decided to cancel my appointment with the doctor, and was blessed that I was able to use my hand effectively and without any hindrances. Everyone who witnessed this miracle said that their faith in healing has truly grown."  -Jeff
"Attending Bible study on Wednesday Night was not enough for me and I knew I must be obedient to God and attend Sunday Service. I was still praying for Sundays. Pastor Sean suggested I ask my boss for Sundays off. Oh I definitely dreaded that suggestion. Although I was filled with anxiety and dread over the idea, I took a leap of faith and asked my boss. He said that this would be a hard thing to do. I suggested another part-time employee could work that day. I knew he still did not like the idea. This past week my boss told me I now have Sundays off. Praise God. Sundays are now a very special day for me. Not just it is the Lord's Day or a chance to fellowship with other Christians, but because this is the day that the Lord gave to me. Every Sunday will be to me a gift from God."  -Juanita
"I was hospitalized with a TIA (commonly called a mini-stroke) which resolved itself by God's grace. One medicine the doctor's prescribed was important to prevent future blood clots. The medicine is one that the patient must inject herself with in the abdomen and is very painful and causes much bruising. On Wednesday July 21st, I asked the church to pray for me to not need that medicine. I am praising God because he did answer that prayer and I no longer have to take the medicine. God is so good and I am so grateful for a church family that cares enough to intercede on behalf of its members."  -Alberta
"I had been faithfully asking God for an apartment in an elderly assistance complex. I had waited on God for several months with no response. With much prayer from the church, I knew that God was going to provide for me. One day I recevied the great news, that there was an available apartment for me in the elderly assistance residence. I Thank and Praise God for his faithfulness.”"  -Bob
"Jimmy had gotten into a motorcycle accident and needed to be air lifted to the hospital. The doctor said that his spleen had been punctured and that he needed surgery. The very next day, Pat and Linda came to the bible study and asked for prayer. Two days after prayer went out for him we found out that he didn’t need surgery and that he was going to be fine.”"  -Anonymous
"I had an iron deficiency which could cause complications during my pregnancy. On Sunday during the altar call,I came up to the front of the church for prayer. The pastor prayed over me and the whole church agreed that I would be healed. The following Sunday I testified that I was completely healed and that my iron levels were totally normal.”"  -Amanda
"On Sunday I requested to be prayed over because I had a severe case of poison ivy. After being anointed with oil and prayed over, the church agreed that I would be well. The following Sunday I came back and testified that I was healed. During the testimony I mentioned that my poison ivy typically takes up to a couple of months to go away. In the past I had to go to the doctor’s office for treatment because of its severity. The entire church praised God because I was healed within a week.”"  -Mike
“Bill had taken a trip with his family to the Grand Canyon. He had been standing near the edge of a cliff and accidently slipped off and became seriously injured because of the fall. He was immediately air lifted to the hospital and was put on life support. The chance of survival according to the doctor was bleak at best and he was in critical condition. During Wednesday Bible Study the church began to pray for him and everyone believed God for a miracle. A few days later, we heard the incredible news that he not only was off life support, but that he went home healed without any broken bones. Praise the Lord for His miraculous healing.”"  -Anonymous
"I was told by doctors that I would be able to conceive but never carry a pregnancy. I had 3 miscarriages and no child, although it was the desire of my heart to have a child. I had received such negative news from the doctor, but I still believed that God would bless me with a child. I had been married for four years and my husband I continually prayed for God to work a miracle in our lives. One night we attended a revival service and I was just praying and crying out to God to help me have a child. I had taken a pregnancy test only a few minutes before leaving for the service and it came out negative. While I was crying out to God, I asked him to allow the pregnancy test to turn from negative to positive. I kept thinking about Hannah and how God gave her a child even though she was barren. When I had finished praying, the pastor started talking about Hannah. I knew that God had answered my prayer. I went home and looked at that pregnancy test again, and it was positive. My church prayed over me that my pregnancy would be healthy and I would deliver full term. 9 months later, my son was born. I thank God for how faithful and unchanging he is."  -Georgia
"I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma of the stomach. I was in shock when I got the news. I thought most cancer patients didn't survive. I came home and tried to collect my thoughts and process what the doctor had said and I asked God to give me some sign I would be ok. I opened my bible and Psalm 112:7 was what popped out at me. It says that he shall not be afraid of evil tidings; his heart is fixed trusting in the Lord. I knew God was telling me everything was ok because I had such a peace. The treatment they wanted to do was to remove my stomach, but after listening to the pros and cons I knew that's not what I wanted. I know that God created our bodies and He is the great physician who can heal us too. Three weeks later, the doctor decided against surgery and chose to do chemotherapy and radiation. When I went to my chemo treatments I would say Psalm 91. He shall cover thee with His feathers and under His wings shall thou trust. Like a mother chicken with her baby chicks when harm is threatening them, she covers them under her wings. So I felt God was taking me under His arms so no harm would come to me with the treatment. They always drew my blood after the treatments, to make sure my white cells weren't so low that I couldn't fight off an infection. The tests always came back normal. With prayer, nutrition, and exercise, I always felt God was helping me keep up my strength while He was healing me. It has been 5 years since my diagnosis and the doctor told me that they were going to write a paper on my case because I was the only one with that type of cancer where it hasn't come back. God is the Great Physician. Nothing is impossible if you trust in God. Thank You Jesus for my healing."  -Linda
"During a physical, a lump was discovered. A biopsy was performed; the lump was so hard that the needle used was bent. Because of this, the doctor recommended that I should be accompanied when I returned for the results. Pastor Sean and the congregation prayed on me the following Sunday. Two days later I received the doctor's phone call. I was informed that the possibly cancerous lump was totally benign, and without ANY sign of cancer!"  Thank you for your prayers, and concerns. Joyfully, Sheila Theodore.